Clean like Southern Living Magazine is Coming!

Dust, polish, wipe down, and mop every square inch of your home. On average, clean homes sell faster than lived in homes. If you are needing a deep cleaning, there are multitudes of cleaning services in the Amarillo area.

What’s that odor?

Keep in mind the smell of your home during showings. Get some plug-in scent diffusers to allow a pleasant scent for potential buyers. Remember, not all people appreciate the smell of pets or food odors.

Depersonalize and de-clutter.

You want buyers to focus on the space, not the stuff in the space. Get rid of the dirty dishes in the kitchen, put away the piles of clothes in the laundry room, and organize the toys in the kids room. As for de-personalizing the home, remove family photos so that buyers can imagine their stuff in the space instead of looking at your photos.

Show the bright side of life.

Open the windows and let the natural light flood into the home. It gives your property a feeling of being welcoming and relaxing to a guest. Also, natural light gives the illusion of rooms being larger.

Minimize large statement furniture pieces.

Having less furniture in the room allows for the room to be perceived as larger.

Do minor repairs.

Fix small cracks, touch up the paint, and fill in nail holes.

Check the lights.

Make sure all the light bulbs are in working order. Replace light bulbs that are burnt out.

Make that curb appeal shine.

The inside of the home is important, but so is the exterior. The front of your home is what buyers see first when pulling into your driveway. Trim the shrubs and trees, mow the lawn, and weed the flowerbed. One thing that can help the outside of your home is to wash the walls and windows.

Photography time!

It is perfectly normal during listing photo shoots to remove items out of the area to give a clean look. For example, in kids’ rooms, you should remove bulky toys from the room before taking photos, putting the items back in the room afterwards. Most buyers understand that you are living in the home while it is on the market. Keep in mind that, most of the time, listing photos are the first impression to buyers and are what motivates them to schedule a showing.