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I am born and raised in Amarillo. I went to Tascosa high. My family owns Graymac Storage, this is where I work a majority of the time, this is our 41st year in business. My Mom is an interior decorator, and my dad renovated houses when I grew up. That is what got me into remodeling homes and eventually into real estate. I really enjoy working on old houses and bringing them up to date, but still keeping the old charm of the house. My last 2 houses I’ve done which are both for sale are 2326 Juniper Dr and 3902 Paramount Blvd. I am married to my wonderful wife Whitney who is a physical therapist an Northwest hospital, and we have a Doberman named Sterling.
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$16 - Br/Ba -  for Sale in Amarillo
MLS# 19-3309

3611 Olsen Blvd
Amarillo, TX 79109

Property Type: Commercial Lease
$390,000 - Br/Ba -  for Sale in Amarillo
MLS# 18-114540

99 Fillmore St
Amarillo, TX 79101

Property Type: Warehouse

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